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ALOHA - President’s Message - Beginning 2018 - 2019 Society Year

I am so humbled to have the opportunity to serve you as the president of ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter for 2018-19 Society Year. Truly, it is an honor, and I am very grateful to all of our members for entrusting me with the great responsibilities associated with this noble position. I will do my outmost to live up to your trust and confidence by discharging my responsibilities in the best possible manner. 

We had our Installation of Officers Banquet on June 14, 2018 at the Plaza Club. The meeting was well attended, with approximately 75 people present, approximately 30% of our total members. ASHRAE Region X DRC, Ms. Marites Calad, installed the officers and BOGs. Certificates and Awards were provided to the outgoing officers and BOGs for their outstanding performance in 2017-18 SY. Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the sumptuous food and a “Just-Like-Vegas” event afterwards.     

A big Mahalo to our outgoing president Mr. Kevin Luoma. Mr. Luoma did a wonderful job as the president last year and left a big pair of shoes for me to fill in. Setting up a scholarship fund with ASHRAE foundation, whose proceeds will financially benefit the local students pursuing an engineering degree with emphasis on HVAC, was one of the important hall marks of his presidency. We are hoping to continue on that awesome tradition of giving back to our wonderful community.

We had our first BOG meeting on July 19, 2018 at Murphy’s Tavern. Officers and Committee Chairs shared their plans on the things they would like to accomplish in 2018-19 SY. One of the main discussions at the BOG meeting was related to the “Hawaii Chapter Kokua Scholarship” that was founded last year with ASHRAE foundation. BOGs, officers, and Committee Chairs were enthusiastic about the scholarship fund and would like to contribute maximum amount possible to that fund each year in order to be able to provide scholarships to the local students.          

We also attended ASHRAE Region X CRC at Fresno, California, on August 15-18, 2018. The conference was a great opportunity for us to express our opinion on how ASHRAE should operate, and we got the opportunity to nominating the regional and society level leaderships. The Conference also had a lot of leadership training events and workshops to equip us with tools and knowledge to run our chapter efficiently. We immensely benefitted from those leadership training events and workshops.

At the end, we encourage everyone to volunteer and participate in all of our chapter events this year and make our ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter one of the most active chapters in the region.        


Mofazzal Mir, PE

2018-2019 Hawaii ASHRAE Chapter President


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