Committee Chairs

Attendance and Reception
Chair: Valerie Mencias

Energy Awards
Chair: Min Zhong, P.E.

Grassroots Government Activities
Chair: Andrew Crossland, P.E.

Chair: Donna Kishi

Membership Promotion
Chair: Bill Lee, P.E.

Newsletter Editor
Chair: Moffazzal Mir, P.E.

Chapter Programs
Chairs: Les Taniyama and RJ Ritter

Chair: Tony Rasabout

Research Promotion
Chair: Dave Drapalik

Student Activities
Chair: Daniel Murakami 

Sustainabilities Activities
Chair: Josh Jackson

Technical Seminar & Product Show
Chair: Matt Tio

Chair: Kelsey Koshi, P.E.

Technology Transfer
Chair: Kevin Luoma, P.E.

Chair: David Lebowitz

Young Engineers of ASHRAE
Chair: Daniel Murakami

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