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Earth Day 2018 - April 22

Aloha, E Komo Mai!

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ALOHA - President’s Message - June 2018

Aloha members of the Hawaii ASHRAE community.


The ASHRAE society year is coming to a close and I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to be the chapter president for the past year.  It has been a rewarding experience that I feel everyone in our industry should strive to achieve.  Giving back to the organization that sets the standards on how we design and build our systems should be a must for everyone.  Sustainability is very important to me and I hope I was able to help push Hawai’i’s sustainability goals at least a little during my tenure.  At the Installation Banquet coming up Mofazzal Mir will officially be taking over for me and our chapter will be in more than capable hand.

We certainly did not slow down with ASHRAE activities during the last month of the year with a total of four events.  The Golf Outing, May Chapter Meeting, Student Presentation at HBA and YEA End of Year Barbeque.

The golf outing was the best one in years which was a great accomplishment with the original RP chair moving to the mainland mid-year.  Joshua McDonough and Katie Thul both stepped up in a big way to make the event a big success.

The engineering roundtable at the May chapter meeting was another highlight of the month.  It was very helpful to hear the perspective of the building engineers on how we can make our designs and installations better.  When we design or build something we always have to remember that someone will have to operate it.

My personal favorite event was doing a presentation on air pressure drop to the 1st grade students at HBA with Willie Diguc, Matt Tio, Diamond Pedro and Mofazzal Mir.  The students had a blast learning how air pressure increases as you bend the straws and tape them together to make them longer.  Hopefully we inspired some students to be engineers in the future.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Installation Banquet on June 14th at the Plaza Club where we formally announce the upcoming chapter board of governors and committee chairs.  Mofazzal assembled a tremendous group and next year will be even better than the last.


Kevin Luoma, PE

2017-2018 Hawaii ASHRAE Chapter President


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