BOG Meeting Agendas 2015-2016

BOG Minutes for 11-12-2015  click here 

Date: November 12, 2015 (Thursday),

Time:  4:35 pm HST to 5:39 pm HST

Location:  The Plaza Club, 900 Fort St. Mall, 20th Floor, Honolulu, Hi 96813

Attendees: Donna, Lori, Willie, Bill, Kevin, Daniel, Matt and this writer

Call to Order: 4:48 pm by President Donna Kishi

Approval of Meeting Minutes (BOG Meeting 10/8/15):

  •        Approved with corrections of Old Business  item on Audit Committee by addition of…”and complete IRS filing by 11/15/2015.”

Treasurer’s Report:

  •        Approved budget for SY2015-16 as presented by Treasurer – Moved by DB, 2nd by MT (see attached).
  •        Report on Audit – to be signed by Mofazzal and sent to BOGs.
  •        Taxes – Filing of extension was delivered 11/12/2015 to IRS.
  •        October Meeting resulted in an excess of $469 in donations.

Committee Chair’s Report:

  •        Membership:
  •        7 upgrades and new members in October.  
  •        Chapter Programs:
  •        Revised Year’s list of revised programs planning was distributed by Lori Arakawa – Bill requested the final be posted on web for reference.
  •        RP
  •        Approved Golf Tournament 2016 payment of $500 deposit to PCC for May 6, 2016 date.
  •        YEA/Student Activities:
  •        YEA committee is planning January meeting on Refrigerants.

Old Business 

  •        Raising dues – Motion by Bill, 2nd by Matt to raise from $25 to $30 per year the Chapter Dues – passed unanimous. Discussion – Needed due to Rg X assessment increase from $6 to $10 per area assigned member this year.  Effective date July 1, 2016.
  •        Meeting with Department of Education – Scotty was absent to report next time. BOG members have been noticing the interest in the HOT schools issue.

New Business 

  •        Pacific Building Trade Expo – 11/17/2015 – unable to man booth at this late date  – Donna to notify organizer.
  •        Deductions for Sponsors – Taxable portion for our events are 100% non profit.

 Meeting Adjourned: 5:39 pm

 Next BOG Meeting, Thursday, January 8, 2016 (Plaza Club, 4:30 pm),

        Respectfully submitted,

       By Dean Borges, for Mofazzal Mir, Secretary

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